Our Services

Purple Willow Consulting, LLC. provides custom workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) and support for organizations currently using or looking to implement Kronos managed services. Tell us what your WFM needs are. We’ll analyze your current setup and determine the best plan of action. By developing a working prototype for implementation, we’ll quickly get your business a stable, working solution that delivers results.

Services to Help Your Business Succeed

business success

At Purple Willow Consulting, LLC., our services support your team throughout your workforce management journey.

Whether you are getting started, need support, or you are ready to grow, we are here to guide you to success.

We provide expert workforce management support. We implement and optimize your solutions and can provide ongoing support to maximize profitability and create a sustainable environment for your employees.

Our service solutions help organizations to capitalize on the efficiency and flexibility enabled by workforce management platforms.


Custom HCM software integrations.

Seamless integrations maximize your new software.

Custom HCM software upgrades.

We keep your system current with evolving Kronos upgrades and WFM technology.

Troubleshooting and repairs of current HCM software.

We help you resolve and fix any tricky problems currently facing your HCM software.

Analysis of past HCM integrations.

Comprehensive analysis and a roadmap to performance objectives.

Tailored HCM software configuration and server architecture recommendations and implementation.

Expert recommendations provided for your unique HCM system and server setup.


Short-term support contracts.

We offer short-term support.

End user technical training and support.

We teach your team software knowledge for your environment.

Documentation on existing HCM customizations.

All HCM customizations receive updated documentation for your review.


Emergency payroll processing error remediation.

We temporarily intervene to correct any malfunctions in your payroll processing system.

Help desk staff augmentation.

Designed to supplement your team with skilled personnel on a per-project basis.

General code analysis and guidance.

We review your static code and provide direction.