About Us

As a business ourselves, we know how important your time and energy are to your bottom line. Wasted effort spent doing inefficient tasks or time lost trying to solve problems that aren’t at the core of your business can be frustrating.

At Purple Willow Consulting, LLC, we’ve spent over a decade analyzing, prototyping, implementing, and stabilizing Kronos Workforce Solutions for businesses so that they can get back to their core functions. Our solutions help them to spend less time doing exhaustive administrative tasks or human capital management, and more time doing actual business.

As expert Kronos consultants, and because building solutions is what we love to do, it is not simply good enough to just get the job done. No, our aim is to provide the perfect solution that fits each specific client’s need and how they operate. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers because we’re passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Evan, Owner of Purple Willow Consulting, LLC. and wife, and Tiffany Raeburn

Evan, Owner of Purple Willow Consulting, LLC. and wife, Tiffany Raeburn

Ever since Evan Raeburn, owner of Purple Willow Consulting, LLC., married his wife, Tiffany, in May of 2010 he shared with her his goal of starting his own company. They knew immediately the company would be called Purple Willow Consulting, LLC., representing Evan’s favorite color and his wife’s favorite tree. In 2018 when the time came to take the leap to start Purple Willow Consulting, LLC. Tiffany backed the plan with her full support. Today, Evan runs Purple Willow Consulting, LLC., and Tiffany supports with Admin work, as needed. Together they have one adopted child and look forward to expanding their family again through adoption.

Dante - Director of Employee Morale

Dante – Director of Employee Morale

Dante is the Raeburn’s loyal Golden Shepherd canine companion. After his morning walk around the yard, he curls up at Evan’s feet, his desk, where he spends most of his day. Occasionally, Dante will stroll around the house to check on the status of the mail and incoming packages. Dante takes his job very seriously and reports to his “under-the-desk” position with or without anyone sitting there.

You can trust Purple Willow Consulting, LLC. to solve your workforce management problems. Learn how we can help you as your designated Kronos consultants by contacting us today!